Meet our Ladies


Dolly was sired by the famed Sir Wall-e of Canterbury. She is an English Golden Retriever. English Goldens are known for a more mild temperament. Dolly is the perfect example of mild. She has been DNA tested by Wisdom Panel, and has been found in great health!

Dolly is a very sweet dog, who loves to be around her humans, and her sister Reba. She is very patient with our kids, and likes other animals also.  Dolly LOVES to retrieve and run, run, run. She is very intellectual, and loves chasing down a good ball.

We love Dolly and her affectionate personality.


Reba was sired by Sungold the Factor. Reba is an American and English retriever. She has also been tested by Wisdom Panel and is in amazing health.

Reba is the smartest dog I have ever met! She loves attention. This dog wants to cuddle up right next to you. She gets along great with other dogs and loves to play.


Dixie is a standard sized Bernedoodle with tri-color markings.

She is cuddly, sweet and loves to play. She is friendly to any human and other animals.


Shania is our beautiful English cream Mini Golden Doodle.

She is sweet in nature and friendly to everyone.

She was a breeze to train as she catches on quick, and she hardly sheds a hair.

Meet our Dads

Meet Teddy

We love teddy! Because of all his amazing attributes, we have used him as our dad for our last two litters. Teddy is a beautiful toy poodle. He is such a smart and fun guy! You can read the facts in is DNA test and see what an amazing dog he is!