Meet our Ladies


Reba was sired by Sungold the Factor. Reba is an American and English retriever. She has also been tested by Wisdom Panel and is in amazing health.

Reba is the smartest dog I have ever met! She loves attention. This dog wants to cuddle up right next to you. She gets along great with other dogs and loves to play.


Dixie is a standard sized Bernedoodle with tri-color markings.

She is cuddly, sweet and loves to play. She is friendly to any human and other animals.


Shania is our beautiful English cream Mini Golden Doodle.

She is sweet in nature and friendly to everyone.

She was a breeze to train as she catches on quick, and she hardly sheds a hair.


Ruby is a 35 lb F1 Goldendoodle. She Is driven, smart, and loves her family. Ruby has a lose wavy coat that is easy to groom.


Maggie is a 15 lb. miniature F1 Goldendoodle.

She is very sweet, eager to please and has a soft mouth like a Golden Retriever.

Maggie’s loves to fetch and play!


Remi  is a 10 lb. F1 miniature Goldendoodle.

She has a soft coat that is easy to manage.

Remi is eager to please and listens very well. She loves to be with her family and go on adventures!


Birdie is an AKC 50 lb full bred Golden Retriever.

She loves her family the most and loves to be by your side.

Birdie has a gorgeous deep red coat.

Meet our Dads

Meet Teddy

We love teddy! Because of all his amazing attributes, we have used him as our dad for our last two litters. Teddy is a beautiful toy poodle. He is such a smart and fun guy! You can read the facts in is DNA test and see what an amazing dog he is!


Jagger is a five lb. Toy Poodle
He is patient, kind, and loves to please.
Jagger makes great puppies that are loving and smart.


Gus is an F1 Bernedoodle.
He is friendly to all, eager to please and loves to play.
Gus has sired over 100 litters.


Rowan is a 4 lb. toy poodle.
He is a tender heart, who loves his family and fur siblings. Rowan has a beautiful red color, and he makes the sweetest puppies.


Albus is a beautiful Brown Merle Moyen (moyen)sized poodle available for stud.

His temperament is top notch!! Zero prey drive is this beautiful boy, he is all about love, snuggles, and making people happy! Albus has been trained for public access service work and is a working service dog.


Mr. MacGyver CKC purebred toy poodle weighing just 5.5 lbs. He passes on lots of white. He is a good natured, playful, incredibly intelligent ball of energy. He comes from a long line of Louisiana Red poodles.

Hips and elbows preliminary testing very
good. Genetic testing clear for all relevant diseases.


Frankie is a gorgeous, AKC red and white miniature parti poodle. 14.5lbs, clear on his genetic disease tests through animal genetics.
He has the sweetest and easy going temperament- he’s really laid back!


Haze is a 9 lb. toy poodle
He is a calm and relaxed little guy who loves his family and all his fur siblings


Champ is a 14 lb. AKC registered miniature poodle.
He has been genetically health tested and sires beautiful puppies with white markings.

Champ has a loving demeanor and is eager to please. He loves his family and other dogs!


Woody is a 12 lb AKC registered miniature poodle.

He throws beautiful red-apricot puppies with abstract markings.

Woody loves to cuddle and play and is very sweet!


Dewey is a 35 lb F1b Bernedoodle

He is a rare chocolate tri-color